Craft Night: Meal Planning or Calendar Board (Level 1)

Every couple of days, I get the itch to make something, organize something, etc.  Today I got both.  I have been cleaning out our closets and storage for a community garage sale and found this collage frame from Wal-Mart.   My brain immediately thought of something I saw on pinterest the other day, and to the crafting room I went. 

We have needed a dry erase calendar for months, but every time I see the pre-made white ones, I think about college.  My grown up house should never look like my dorm dang it!  Then this pinterest pin gave me the spark I needed to make something more grown up but still fun.

Collage Frame Recycle into Calendar Board



  • 8 Slot Collage Frame.  Mine was from Wal-Mart and probably less than $5 from their cheapy Main Stays brand
  • Background Paper.  I designed my own 4×6 pieces in Photoshop, but you could use scrapbook paper, stickers, markers, etc for yours
  • Scissors

This one is pretty self-explanatory and turns out adorable…and I spent $0 out of pocket on it!  I can’t wait to use some funky colored dry erase markers on it!



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LivingSocial is offering another great deal on a photobook from Shutterfly!  For $14, you get an 8×11, 2 page, hard cover photo book.  You save over 50% on the deal.  I love using these books for vacation photos, yearly albums, and wedding guestbooks!

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Have you signed up for eBates?  You haven’t?  Stop what you are doing right this instant and go sign up!

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Ebates Coupons and Cash Back